Cargoman Services

Features and services provided FIH FBM GOM
Representation, Administration and Supervision Services
Liaison with local authorities
Disbursements on behalf of the air carrier
Airline services "Baggage handling"
Loading and unloading of luggage( Baggage handling)
Transport of luggagefrom sorting to the plane and from the plane to the delivery room
Application of dangerous goods measures
Application of security/safety measures
Aircraft services "handling aircrfat & loading"
Operation relating to loading and unloading equipment
Operation relating to boarding and unloading equipment
Loading and unloading of luggage, cargo, post office, freight and other objects
Cleaning the aircraft cabin
Draining of toilets and supply of drinking water on the plane
Safety and security
Aircrfat plane services "ground movement"
Pushback of the aircraft from the car park to the taxi area
Power back : movement back from the aircraft from the parkinging lot to the taxi area engines turned on
Towing movement of the aircraft with or without load
Marshalling / Guidance of the aircraft
Passenger Services
Reception and control of passenger travel documents
Registration of passengers and their luggage
Assisting passengers on boarding and disembarking
Assistance for low mobility passengers on boarding and disembarking
Delivery of luggage on arrival and dispute settlement and content

CARGOMAN Ground Handling Operator License (click here to download pdf file)